Hi. I'm Philip Seger.

I'm a senior at Olin College of Engineering in Needham, MA, studying Computer Engineering.

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Here are some places where I have worked.

The Future of CAD/Developer Skills

I worked at Onshape in Cambridge, MA for my third internship, busy alongside the Ops team as a developer. In this capacity, I worked on code for faster front-end load times, improved metrics for new modeling features, and finished the summer with a rewrite of all metric classes using auto-generation.

Financial Transaction Management

During my second summer internship, I worked at Intuit in Mountain View, CA. My summer work there consisted of developing a full-stack Apache Cassandra proof-of-concept for higher throughput and storage capacity of transactions, as part of the Mint and Financial Data Service group.

Quality Assurance in Big Business

My first summer internship found me at IBM in Costa Mesa, CA. There, I worked on implementing Python and Java based automation tools to configure and install IBM Case Manager on Linux, AIX, and Windows Server systems. I also automated the use of an existing JavaScript testing suite.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on.

In my time at Olin there have been many fun and challenging projects.


Participated in HackMIT with a team of 3 others to create a news aggregator, leveraging Flask and sentiment analysis along with Indico and Google APIs.


Worked with a partner to create a web application that used Spotify APIs and Tinder-style gestures to help a user find new music from a selection of playlists and save it.

Space Team Down

Worked with a team of five to create a Python survival game, rendered using OpenGL. Resource collection and enemy avoidance were key to survival and each level was generated.

Sentiment Analysis

Worked with another student to create a Python app which analyzed the possible success of Facebook posts, depending on previous post data.

Impossible Game

Worked with another student to develop a GUI based survival game, where the player had to avoid randomly generated objects for as long as possible.

Infared Scanner

Worked with a partner to create an Arduino powered infared scanner. The device used servos to control pan and tilt and created a scanned image of a 'P'.

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I am currently looking for an exciting and challenging career as a Software Engineer.
I can be found at seger.philip@gmail.com

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